What to Look for When Finding the Best Dissertation Proofreading Service

After hours of research, and hours spent at the computer typing up your findings… you are not yet done.

Find the best dissertation proofreading service to help you proofread and edit your dissertation.

Let’s be clear before we continue: If you think you can proofread a dissertation on your own without using a professional proofreader, you must accept that it will likely not turn out as well as you would have liked and contain mistakes.

You should find the most suitable dissertation proofreading services if you don’t want to risk it and you are looking for the best possible version for you to submit.

How can you trust a service that offers dissertations?

It is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to get your dissertation approved. (Can you afford not to pass your class because of a failed dissertation?) Submit your dissertation to an established and reliable proofreading service. The experts can correct all of your errors while you relax and take a short break.

It can be difficult to find the right dissertation proofreading services among the numerous options available online. This article will help you choose the best proofreaders, and to avoid scammers (there are many of them).

Find the best dissertation proofreader:

Before you hire thesis proofreaders, the University of Manchester recommends that you carefully screen them. This handy checklist will help you to identify what you should consider when looking for dissertation proofreaders.

1. Don’t be tempted by the lowest price

Money is a concern for students. The cheapest dissertation editing service will likely be of the lowest quality.

Compare prices when you are looking for an experienced dissertation proofreader. The agencies with mid-range prices are the best to target.


Editors who are worth their salt will never work for less than the market price. You can rest assured that if a proofreader offers services for a low rate, the output will be of poor quality.

You don’t also want to pay too much. Boutique agencies may offer proofreading at a very high rate or with a number of add-ons that turn a low price into something else. They have high margins of profit because they use the same editors that are used by companies in the middle price range.

Spend money carefully

Check out the turnaround time for dissertation proofreading

Most students write their dissertations last-minute.

You can’t let a service provider down if this is your situation. Find a company that consistently meets deadlines.

You will require an online editing service with the expertise and tools to provide rapid turnaround.


It is an intricate process which takes time. You must also be realistic. A single proofreader would be unable to finish a dissertation of more than 50,000 words within a few hours.

Vappingo proofreaders perform at least two rounds of the document. It takes time. You should give proofreaders at minimum 72 hours for every 50,000 words.

3) Look for qualified, native-English proofreaders

The quality of your dissertation can make a big difference in the final grade you receive.

You should therefore ensure your proofreader has the skills and knowledge to identify and fix any errors. Do your research on the proofreaders that you plan to hire. You can ask the following questions.

  • Do the proofreaders speak native English?
  • Are the editors and proofreaders qualified?
  • Do the proofreaders have experience in editing dissertations?
  • Does the proofreader have an understanding of the style guide that you use for your dissertation or thesis? It could be APA. (For more information, please see our APA format guide).
  • Does the company offer a guarantee on their work?

Look at client testimonials

You can read reviews on the website of the service provider to learn what others have had to say about the provider.

Check out the reviews of previous clients to see what they think about the service, speed, efficacy, efficiency and care for the customer. You will get a better idea about the service quality you can expect.

You may be looking at an unreliable, fake website. It’s designed to generate a few dollars before it is quickly shut down by the people who complain.

5) Assess the professionalism of the site

Many dissertation proofreading companies, as I have outlined in the above paragraphs, seem to spring up out of nowhere. Many of these services have a criminal intent: to deceive the most people in a very short time period before they disappear into thin air.

A service that is designed to exploit clients will not have an impressive website. They are only interested in your money and not long-term investment. Once the bad reviews begin to roll in, the company will close its website, change their branding, and restart the cycle.

You should conduct an initial evaluation of any website that you are visiting. The following are some factors to consider:

  • What is the age of the site? Avoid anything that’s only a few weeks or months old. It is better to choose a company that has operated for a long time. You’re on to a winner if you find a business with 10+ year history and zero negative reviews (hint, Vappingo).
  • How will you be contacted if you’re not happy with your service?
  • Is there a blog on the site? It is important to look for a quality blog that can be found on a website. This shows the provider has invested time and resources in creating excellent content on its website.
  • Is the site operated by a company that is a member of a recognized professional body, like the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading?

Read the terms and conditions

It is important. Many organizations do not bother posting their terms and condition on their website. These people are usually conmen. They will ignore your request for a revision or refund because they do not care to nurture satisfied customers.

You’ll likely be disappointed if the website that you are looking at does not have clear privacy policies, terms of service, or confidentiality agreements.

Read the content of this website

Ironic, but true: People who offer dissertation proofreading often publish advertisements and articles with many grammatical mistakes.

Read their contents. If you spot a mistake, run a mile!

8) Request a sample

It is important to write a good dissertation. It’s important to test the service of several different companies.

You can get a sample dissertation of 300 words from the best proofreaders. You should not work with a firm that will not do so.

Finding the right dissertation editing service can be difficult, given the number of services available online.

The information above should help you identify phony service providers and decide which ones deserve your attention.


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