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Top 11 The Best Companies For Proofreading Services

Professionals in the field of writing Academic researchers, professors or graduate students, as well as those who are looking for professional proofreading solutions must choose from a growing list of proofreading firms online. There are a lot of services for proofreading makes selecting a trustworthy firm difficult. Therefore, we offer a brief overview of the best online services for proofreading to ease the selection process. In order to choose a proofreading service which is the best fit for your needs, it is important to first think about your requirements, objectives, and your budget. It will allow you to make the “apples to apples” comparison of the different providers for proofreading which allows users to take an educated choice. This article provides more details on the best 11 The Best Companies For Proofreading to assist you in getting going with your research into proofreading firms.

  • 1) Proofreading and Editing Service, USA
  • 2) Scribendi
  • 3) Proofed
  • 4) Paper True
  • 5) ProofreadingPal
  • 6) Proofreading Services
  • 7) Scribbr
  • 8) Enago
  • 9) Wordy
  • 10) London Proofreaders
  • 11) Cambridge.

The 11 Best Proofreading Services

1. Proofreading and Editing Service, USA

Proofreading and Editing Service, USA is an American editor and proofreading business that provides a pool of proofreaders on demand available 24 hours all year round, all over the world. Each proofreader is an experienced native English user from either the United States, United Kingdom or Canada who has many years of experience in helping customers that require proofreading assistance. There is the advantage of picking a proofreader who is a professional and being able to communicate with them via the internal message system. Professional proofreaders from Proofreading and Editing Service, USA must pass a strict editing and proofreading test before they are certified as a service provider. The price for proofreading the manuscript of 1000 words can range between $10 for a five-day turnaround, to $15 for a one-day editing. The price is $25 for an eight-hour turnaround. Certain proofreaders from Proofreading and Editing Service, USA offer a discount by up to 20% off of the normal cost of proofreading.

2. Scribendi

Scribendi is Scribendi is a Canadian editing and proofreading company. Its proofreaders comprise freelance editors who work all over the world. They assign the document(s) that you send to the team that handles proofreading. Cost to proofread a document of 3,000 words on Scribendi is between $183 for an eight-hour turnaround up to around $100 for a turnaround of 7 days.

3. Proofed Proofreading and Editing

A South African company, Proofed Proofreading and Editing assigns the document(s) that you submit for review to one of their professional proofreaders. Proofed employs Knowadays for hiring its staff of editors and proofreaders. Editing an article that contains 3,000 words costs $105 (USD) on Proofed with a turnaround of one day. Costs increase to $315 if you need urgent proofreading. These services provide corrections to spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as making word choices more efficient, which ensures the consistency of your writing, providing constructive feedback and providing clarity problems.

4. Paper True

According to the website of its company, Paper True has a presence across Singapore, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Proofreaders of the company get paid in Indian rupees or in the U.S. dollar. The proofreading and editing services offered by the firm offers a plagiarism test at a charge. Pricing for proofreading on PaperTrue is $117 with 1 day turnaround.

5. ProofreadingPal

According to ProofreadingPal website, the business is located at Iowa, USA. The proofreading team of the company comprises “detail-oriented individuals”. First and last names as well as email address and telephone number is required on their contact form online for a quotation. Once you have submitted your information and your document to this proofreading service company Two professional proofreaders are assigned to review your work. The business offers these proofreading services as follows resume proofreading, business editing, academic proofreading, college student proofreading, essay proofreading and book manuscript proofreading.

6. ProofreadingServices

The location of the Headquarters for the headquarters Proofreading Services was not found on their site. Proofreading Services provides editing and proofreading services, publishing, translation services, as well as ghostwriting. Editing 3,500 words in a 24-hour turnaround at Proofreading Services is $113.88.

7. Scribbr

Scribbr is located in Amsterdam and can provide the services of proofreading for a wide range of languages. It costs three hundred words at a college or university level with a 24 hour turnaround is $127. For proofreading, the cost at the level of PhD/MBA is much higher. The company offers expert proofreading for professional, academic, as well as business-related texts. The proofreading and editing team’s editors are native English speakers as well as university students, who come from various disciplines.

8. Enago

Enago declares New Jersey as its physical site and offers author services for researchers in the community. Editing services are included however, the company doesn’t offer a services for proofreading. Editing 3,500 words and a 1 day turnaround period is $225. The plagiarism test requires an additional cost. The proofreading service company provides additional services such as a document report, editing support as well as support through the peer review procedure.

9. Wordy

Wordy has its headquarters within London, United Kingdom and offers proofreading and copy editing services. The cost to proofread 3000 words costs around $117 with Enago and is for one-day turnaround. On the website of the proofreading business, it declares that the cost will depend on the words count in the document, and if you need editing, proofreading or rewriting. This is if you need a style guide (additional costs are applicable) as well as should you choose the editors you want to work with (additional costs are applicable). Professional proofreaders are always available.

10. London Proofreaders

London Proofreaders is located in the UK and is a expert proofreading services. Their turnaround times for documents edited by proofreaders do not cover weekends and Sundays as they are closed during the weekend. If you’d like to know the cost for editing 3,000 words and 1 day turnaround time for a quote that is custom, it must be sought. The documents are proofread by two editors as well as their proofreading service which includes a PhD Proofreading Service, Dissertation proofreading essay proofreading service as well as an academic proofreading service.

11. Cambridge

Cambridge Proofreading was established at Cambridge, England and has its headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois. Its turnaround times for documents with more than three thousand words, start at twelve hours before increasing to 7 days. It costs to edit 3000 words in a one-day turnaround for an editor costs $83.70. The cost rises to $167.40 to review a document with two editors. Cambridge is a proofreading service for individuals, companies, and academics as well as the general public.


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