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Quality is the most important thing. We pay special importance and focus to high-quality in fast proofreadingparaphrasing and editing services. We offer a speedy service for proofreading, without impacting our editing or editing. If you’re a new client, you will benefit by the no-cost sample to check the high-quality of our editing and proofreading services before you sign up.

2 – High-quality editors and proofreaders 

Our team comprises an outstanding team of indigenous English proofreaders, editors, reviewers, and rewriters that will take care of your content with the greatest care. Our editors are from the UK and only employ humans as proofreaders and copy editors that are not word processors online or robots that cannot manage the specifics of English. Numerous clients who utilize Grammarly use us to get the quick and efficient editing and proofreading of their documents. Our team will be able to match your work no matter if it’s an essay, dissertation or journal entry, book, financial report or any other with the top and appropriate copyeditor or proofreader.

3. Quality for the money 

If you send your essay to a faulty proofreading firm, it’ll cost you a lot of cash since you might be unable to get back your money. When you work with us, you’ll get a chance to check our quality service before making any payments using the no-cost trial choice.

If you are still dissatisfied at any time after end of your project, we’ll revise your document at no cost or offer an 80% or full refund, based on the specific circumstances and the reasons.

The speedy editing and proofreading services along with paraphrasing and proofreading services can be arranged reasonably and at a reasonable cost particularly since a large percentage of our customers are self-funded PhD and Master’s students.

4 – Speedy turnaround 

We offer fast proofreading services and guarantee quick turnaround times without jeopardizing high quality or the originality of your text. We believe that delivering fast is not a reason to compromise the quality of our proofreading or editing services. We consider the pressing and immediate requirements of our customers, which includes writers, academics, as well as businesses.

5 – Trust and Reputation 

We are an experienced and trustworthy proofreading and copy-editing service company, offering many clients all over the globe: the UK and in the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Romania, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Oman and Kuwait. We work with clients of diverse nationalities, and diverse languages.

6 – Punctuality 

We are completely focused on deadlines. We complete our work on time and at a very high quality.

7-hour-a-day help 

24/7 assistance: We’re available all seven days of the week all through the year. Therefore, when you require assistance from us, We will be with us on hand to help with the greatest assistance we can. Whether before or even after placing your purchase.

8 – Customer service 

We love engaging with our clients. We respond to questions and to feedback at any point whether prior to and during or after completion of the project.

9- Confidentiality 

We sincerely respect the confidentiality of our clients, which is why we eliminate the completed forms out of our systems completely.

The Ultimate Proofreader: Five facts

) Costs: Our pricing is very reasonable, and are based upon the size of your essay and the date you’re due. Prices do not change by subject or level, i.e. no matter if your paper is non-technical or technical, The price will remain exactly the same. The prices we offer start at PS10.50 per 1000 words (for typical deadlines). This makes the service accessible even for those with very tight budgets.

2) Time to turn around: We take orders on as quick a basis as we can. We are a trusted high-quality proofreading service supplier, we do not permit speed to degrade the quality of our services. We strive to complete tasks as fast as we can as we can, revision and proofreading the manuscript at the top of its game is always our first goal. On average, we are able to read and proofread as much as 10,000 words in 24 – 48 hours. However, for longer-term projects with shorter deadlines, or with precise delivery times, you can contact us by our email.

3.) Quality control: The quality assurance process: Once the document is checked and proofread thoroughly and thoroughly, it goes through an additional stage and method of quality control, which includes an extensive second inspection by an additional senior editor prior to it is sent out for delivery. It is The Ultimate Proofreader will provide high-quality English proofreading service to our clients throughout the UK as well as around the globe. The unwavering and unequivocal commitment to quality has placed us on the frontline in the field.

4) Accessibility: We have a branch that is dispersed throughout the UK as well as across the globe and are therefore accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days per week during the entire year, not even on public holidays. Academics and students, our services are also able to be scheduled at any time throughout the year, or at high periods for essay or dissertation submissions by postgraduates and undergraduates.

5.) Privacy: The Ultimate Proofreader adheres to a strict confidentiality policy to guarantee that clients’ work remains protected and safe, starting beginning the moment a purchase is received until it’s sent. When we receive your manuscript, we’ll eliminate it from our systems completely.

Complaint Procedure

We aim to provide services for proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing solutions that are 100% satisfied with our customers.

If there is a reason why you believe that we’ve disappointed you If you are unhappy, we have a grievance procedure that is in the process.

It is designed to address your issues or concerns as well as investigating any complaints that you might have in order to determine the best route to take.

Are you looking for a revision?

If you’ve got a particular issue or suggestion that you would like us to update your documents (or sections of it) in the future, simply contact us to request an update.

Give a reason why that your document needs to be changed. (For instance, perhaps you discovered an error, a shift in the meaning of your document, a grammatical mistake, American spellings in British English documents, etc. ).

We’ll update your documents and take care of all your issues without charge.

Are you looking for an amount back?

If you feel that your work did not get properly proofread, edited, or paraphrased to the standard you expect and you’d like to receive a portion or a full refund, take the steps below:

Please provide us with specific details and explanations that you believe your work was not performed at a satisfactory level. Be as detailed as you can. allows us to look into the matter fairly and efficiently.

You should back up your complaints by providing the most proof as is possible (for example, you can highlight the aspects you’re unhappy with using a different color and provide a reason for it)

Your complaint will be reviewed by a top case reviewer. They will swiftly investigate the cause of the complaint, and then take steps to resolve the issue.

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