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The 10 Best Online Copyediting Courses

If you are interested towards pursuing a career in editing or want to improve the skills you have in marketing and online copyediting, then a course is a great choice. There are numerous courses on copyediting which teach basic skills editors need for advancement in their professions. The courses in copyediting can help professionals apply for higher paying jobs as well as improve their abilities. In this post, we look at what these online courses cover and also highlight the top 10 copyediting classes along with their material for the course.

What are online courses in copyediting that provide?

Copyediting online courses are focused on teaching students how to use the skills that they need to have for careers in editing copy. The primary focus of copyediting is instructing editors on how to create more clear sentences as well as improving written content for better results. It’s not mandatory to finish a program on copyediting in order to be an editor; it could improve the chances of a job applicant.

The courses offer a thorough understanding of all the methods and abilities required by copy editors. They are focused on processes for editing, including fact checking as well as editing the copy to improve reasoning and to eliminate inherent biases. They also provide training in improving the structure of sentences and how they are pronounced.

10 of the best online copyediting training courses for copyediting

These are the top copyediting training courses you could take as a copyeditor

1. The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) training courses

The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading has a variety of classes in copyediting students can take. The courses start with elementary courses, which show students how to keep track of the changes made within Microsoft Word and move to more advanced programs that are focused on adjusting the voice of the author and messages to edit technical text. The material for the course is thorough and includes technical guidelines for editors. This includes tailoring text to be brief, or asking informational questions to authors in order to improve their writing. There are a variety of editing services online editors are able to choose from a variety of choices, according to their needs and the abilities they want to master.

2. The UC San Diego Copyediting Program

The UC San Diego Copyediting Program is focused on editing non-fiction and can be a good alternative for copyeditors seeking to build a solid foundation in editing, reviewing and rewriting marketing material. This course provides instruction in the editing of print and digital copies in addition to an understanding of different methods and tools editors employ to enhance the written text and spot the mistakes. Editors are also taught the best ways to edit specific copy that is appropriate for various disciplines, such as white papers, blogs or other reports in the field of medicine, science and finance.

3. The Emerson College Copyediting Course

The course teaches editing text to improve accuracy, grammar, appearance, and improving communication. Also, it teaches the essentials of detecting typographical mistakes, fact-checking, and reviewing the copy for readability, grammar as well as style and punctuation. This course is focused on developing guidelines for improving the standards of editing as well as creating a style guide to enhance business writing as well as messaging. It is a fantastic training tool for editors looking to learn to convey facts more effectively.

4. The Blackford Centre Copyediting Course

The course on copyediting provides instructions for improving the quality of copy by fixing common errors and flaws. This course offers basic guidelines as well as a thorough knowledge of how to rectify fundamental errors and mistakes from writing articles, blogs, white papers, and even the landing page content. In addition to providing tips for copyediting and guidelines, the course includes additional resources like tips on how on how to locate clients, tips to determine pricing, as well as suggestions for giving critique to authors.

5. Chapterhouse Proofreading and Editorial Skills Correspondence Course

The Chapterhouse Editorial and Proofreading Skills course provides three distinct volumes of handouts and tips for becoming a proficient copyeditor. There are also plenty of training exercises and assessments along with the assistance of tutors to help students develop their copyediting abilities. This is a great alternative for students with no experience in editing and for those looking to enhance their abilities as well as gain an understanding about publishing online books or finding freelance writers.

It also provides instructions for editors on how to write for various markets as well as four tests that editors must pass to obtain their certificate. This program also provides practice exercises to help editors evaluate their writing and develop their editing skills. Additionally, the instructor provides marking and feedback in order to assist students with gaining a better understanding of the most common mistakes.

6. The Writer’s Digest Copyediting Certification Course

This Writer’s Digest Editing Certification is a 10-week program with comprehensive guidance on the improvement of composition, form communication, grammar, and form. It also emphasizes advanced skills in copyediting and permits students to participate in writing projects with a tutor who will critique their writing. Workshops and tests are also part of the curriculum, and are concluded with a thorough examination at the conclusion, which all students must pass to show their abilities.

There are many topics this course covers, starting with basic rules to enhance the structure and composition as well as improving grammar and punctuation. This course provides training in understanding the grammar rules that will improve writing skills and modify work in accordance with the style guidelines.

7. Proofreading and Copyediting using The Chicago Manual of Style

The course provides a complete tutorial for copyeditors seeking to enhance their knowledge and knowledge of Chicago Manual of Style, which focuses on citation styles, punctuation and grammar as well as writing. The course demands that copyeditors be able to comprehend college-level grammar. It is then focused on correcting the authors’ manuscripts. It also provides tips for students regarding how they can edit their manuscripts in line with guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style.

This course is open to all students and provides 16 lessons of different levels of difficulty. This course includes an exam and provides explanations for difficult aspects of the manual and gives instructions on how to spot the most common mistakes.

8. The Poynter Institute’s News University and ACES courses

The Poynter Institute’s News University and ACES: The Society for Editing offer workshops that offer education and direction to students seeking a job in editing copywriting. This program focuses on helping students develop their writing, and also removing unnecessary words from the text. The course helps copyeditors increase the quality of their content, but helps make the writing more clear and less rambling. This course provides instruction in how to check the accuracy of writing and examine the content for accuracy.

9. The University of Chicago Editing Certification

It is The University of Chicago is responsible for the creation of The Chicago Manual of Style, that is among the most used manuals in writing and editing manuscripts as well as information. The editing course and the certification can be a great choice for those looking to enhance their editing abilities as well as learn about the newest technology and tools copyeditors utilize.

The program makes use of its Chicago Manual of Style as the basis for assisting students learn the fundamental capabilities they will need to boost their prospects of employment within the publishing sector. A majority of the editors in this program are also editors for the University of Chicago Press. University of Chicago Press, therefore, students will gain a deep comprehension of the content in itself.

10. The essential Copy Editing Course offered by the Publishing Training Centre

This course in copyediting is perfect for professional editors or those working in publishing houses as well as those looking to enhance their abilities or need to review the fundamentals. This is a great course for proofreaders who are freelance, since it does not require particular qualifications to sign up. It is a great course for professionals with prior experience with the basics of proofreading, and are looking to enhance their abilities. The course teaches editors to focus on the details of their work and assists them in identifying frequent mistakes. An understanding of English which includes punctuation, writing, and spelling is essential.

This course re-examines the fundamental techniques for copyediting both fiction and non-fictional written work. The course will also teach copyeditors to compose briefs that illustrators and writers can utilize. The course also covers the fundamentals of handling complex projects which includes writing journals as well as books.

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