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8 Websites to Make Money by using your proofreading skills:

Are you a professional writer or someone who is enthusiastic about writing and do you want to do online proofreading for cash? Do you have an eye for grammar mistakes? If that describes you, then you could easily earn money from proofreading articles. A lot of websites offer you money to proofread their posts and you’ll only require an excellent English proficiency, as well as an eye for grammar, and you’ll be good to start.

What is Proofreading?

The process of proofreading is an essential part of the writing process that involves English experts who examine documents to spot errors in grammar punctuation, spelling and the use of words. Writing that is good requires modification and revising, and one fundamental aspect of that procedure is proofreading.

The job of a proofreader is to have single goal: To make sure that an item of written text is totally perfect in the grammar and language. If you think you possess the skills to scrutinize and edit the writing of someone else, and editing, then this job is the perfect task for you.

Are there any opportunities to make money on the internet as a proofreader?

Yes, absolutely. There are several websites looking for experts in writing to assist clients with their writing. They offer very lucrative pay. The amount you earn from the field is dependent on your level of expertise. Many jobs will pay you as much as $50 an hour for editing and reading documents.

Genuine websites that pay you to proofread

Here are the most trustworthy websites that you are paid to edit and proofread texts:

1. Proofreading and editing service, USA

Proofreading and Editing Service, USA is a website that can provide proofreading for thesis, essays, resumes, and other kinds of scripts. The site hires editors and proofreaders who have a good education and qualifications in related fields. It is possible to join the team of editors who are experts and earn income through the skills you have in your native language. You could choose to work in their office or as freelancer or proofread your scripts in the privacy at home. If you want to join their team, you must be able to proofread at a speed at least 1000- 1500 words an hour. 

2. Prompt

Prompt is an online site that offers help to students with writing their essay, especially college-level essays. Therefore, it requires people who are skilled creative writers who are knowledgeable about how to write essays for writing instruction for students. Writing assignments for writers for prompt differs than proofreading because it requires creativity and writing abilities. It requires a minimum dedication to 4 hours a week. This is a great chance for those who love writing and have a knack for writing, analysing and writing the very best in an essay.

3. Scribbr

Scribbbr offers a second writing coaching service available to students. This involves helping students to the writing process and helps to improve their writing skills by helping them improve their writing skills.
They also assist students in master’s and bachelor’s degrees as well as Ph.D. with completing their thesis in order to graduate with a degree. If you are confident that you will make a fantastic editor and student mentor, you should definitely join Scribbr. The greatest thing about Scribbr is the flexibility it provides for the writers it employs.
It is possible to work in the privacy of your own home and create your own working schedule. Additionally, it is possible to connect with the writers of the world on Scribbbr for assistance of any kind.

4. ProofreadingServices

As the name suggests, proofreads various documents for clients from all around the world and recruits anyone who has a good hand at language and can efficiently help in improving a writing piece or editing it. If you want to become a proofreader on this website, you have to complete their pre-test to show your ability in the language. When you are a member of the team, you will earn anywhere from between $19 and $46 and work hours that are flexible.

5.  Cactus world-wide

Cactus Global is a proofreading service which employs professional writers with a variety of specializations. They can assist with the creating pieces on a variety of topics, based on your area of study or area of expertise. It is necessary to have a bachelor’s qualification in the field of study to be a part of the team at Cactus Global.
Subjects for proofreading vary across engineering, science, medical and business. If you possess a bit with a solid understanding of a special field, then you are eligible to earn on this site. Your job will mainly comprise of formatting and editing documents. Similar to other proofreading websites Cactus Global also permits users to work at the comfort of your home and decide on the hours you work during.

6. Jobsforeditors

Jobs for Editors is a proofreading and editing service that doesn’t need the completion of a college degree in order to earn money on their site, but it requires applicants with excellent English abilities and be adept analysis of writing in order to spot any errors and recommend improvement suggestions. Also, you must be proficient with computers as well as the capacity to perform efficiently and complete tasks in the given time. Even though you don’t require an education degree to get this job, the job for editors recommends specialists and professionals to submit applications at their forum for a position as a writer management.

If you are a freelancer, you’re able to work at your schedule and sign up to receive a one-week instruction if you’re newly employed in editing. Additionally, positions for editors let you receive a pay check twice per month. Apply for an editor position on the website by sending your resume.

7. Writing jobs

Another way for English professionals to make use of their skills and make a decent sum of money. Writing Jobs posts all kinds of writing opportunities through its platform. it is possible to take on whatever amount you want in accordance with your level of comfort and start making money. Writing jobs offers a broad variety of topics that you can read and proofread. Additionally, you can write on diverse subjects and cash in on your imagination if you like writing.
The program can help you analyze scientific manuscripts, medical, historical and sports writings; you can also provide critical comments for essays written by students or research papers, as well as review of books and aid students in their research. In order to apply, you must complete a short test, then submit the questionnaire, and then you’re ready to go.

8. Reedsy

Reedsy is an excellent platform for professional editors authors, publishers, and editors to make extra money with their in-demand abilities. Readsy is a service for writers who want to launch their book and require assistance with the final touches. If you’ve experience writing or editing books then you’re an ideal candidate for this service.
Reedsy is a trustworthy site which has received funds by the European Union and has been examined by BBC. One of the advantages of Reedsy is that it will forward your information to the correct customer, so you do not be competing for every job with freelancers. For you to begin your career at Reedsy, make your profile and highlight your experience and work history to be approved.
In addition to editing, the company provides jobs for graphic marketers, writers, as well as web developers. So, if you’ve got one of these skills that you have, then become a member of the Reedsy community as well.

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