Christian Editors And Proofreaders

Christian Book Editors And Proofreaders

Christian Editors and Proofreaders featured on this list share the same passion for their Christian beliefs and love collaboration with authors who want to share their message to the world.

Writing for Traditional Christian Publishers

A lot of the books that these Christian editors and authors created or edited were published by major Christian publishing houses like Zondervan, Tyndale, Thomas Nelson, Bethany House, Moody, David C Cook, among others.

Self-Publishing Your Christian Book

They have also had experience aiding authors to self-publish using platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Services Offered

Editing and developing content, ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, and copyediting help with revision and writing.

Ann Aubrey

Ghostwriter, Book Indexer, Copy Editor, Proofreader

Ann Aubrey has 30+ years working as a writer and editor. She has published the fields of nonfiction, fiction, medical technological, academic and college textbooks.

Her first job was as a technical writer, focusing on geophysics, geology, as well as information technology. Later, she moved into journalism. She was the Editorial Associate for the Catholic newspaper from San Diego and teaching fiction writing at the college level.

Barbara Kimble

Barbara Kimble has worked as an author and editor, ghostwriter instructor, coach journalist, and consultant for corporate communications she was also the Writer-in-Residence at Tyndale House Publishers. Kimble has co-written 10 books, published over 600 articles published in The Chicago Tribune, and edited around 200 books with different authors and publishers.

Barbara has worked with a variety of authors get ready for publication of their works, which includes writers who’ve had their work published through traditional publishers as well as people who prefer to self-publish. She has also taught the writing class in six videos for publishers.

An authentic wordsmith who has an affinity for the beautiful of words and the power of thoughts, Barbara aims for clear and memorable writing with occasionally a dash of humor and wit, when needed. Barbara makes the most difficult concepts accessible, whether editing the book or writing an article for a website or helping authors.

Rachel Lawson

Rachel Lawson is a former college writing and literature instructor with a reputation for excellence in line editing, copyediting as well as proofreading. Her forte is aiding the writer to make their writing voice sparkle in a very engaging, page-turning, and memorable manner.

Rachel is a specialist in the field of Christian and religious/spiritual manuscripts, which include memoirs for children, books for kids as well as devotionals and other bigger theological books. Rachel’s experience in the capacity of copy editor line editor, as well as the proofreader of three Christian publishing houses has resulted in thirty Christian publications.

Ghostwriting author bios is her specialty. the back cover of books as well as author’s website.

Rachel creates and designs interior pages for books, either printed and eBook distribution.

Rachel is open to all writers and is particularly keen to support the work of Christian and spiritual/religious writers. mystics, pastors and theologians as well as memoirists and young adult and children’s author. With Rachel she will help you create your own unique voice in a professional and professional way.

Steven Severn

Award-Winning Ghostwriter, Editor and Writing Coach for Eleven #1 Best-Sellers

Awards-winning New York Times best-selling ghostwriter, Book doctor Editor, screenwriter and writing coach. Guided by Academy Award-winning author. As a ghostwriter and consultant, I wrote eleven Best-selling #1 books and five New York Times #1 Children’s titles. I’m here for you to make the most profound dreams of yours come true.

I worked as a mentor for the Oscar-winning screenwriter Stewart Stern (“Rebel Without A Cause”). I worked as a consultant on the best-selling #1 bestsellers TEARS for my CITY from Dean Dimitrieski and THE REVVED LIFE of pastor Jeff Knight, and for Robert Beatty’s best-selling #1 Children’s books SERAFINA and The BLACK CLOAK, SERAFINA AND THE TWISTED STAFF as well as WILLA OF The Wood. Additionally, my ghostwritten screenplay that was based on the #1 bestseller was awarded the title of the award for Best Adaptation in two international screenwriting competitions.

The power of dreams is immense. They can change your life. The power of dreams comes from a Higher Force, and may take you to the highest level. If you’ve a desire or vision, you long to see that dream become a reality. My mission is to assist create the words to help your most cherished dreams come real. I enjoy taking that enthusiasm and passion that is burning within the person you are and transform your the stories you tell, your dreams as well as your ideas and the most fervent desires of your soul from an initial spark of imagination into a fire-breathing reality.

I’d like to assist you in bringing your imaginative visions to the world with the passion and fire of imagination and the transformational power of your ideas.

Thanks for sharing your hopes with me.

Joya Stevenson

Religion, Theology, the Bible, Mysticism, Spirituality

Joya Stevenson (PhD., Harvard University, Spiritual and Personal Development) edits the wide fields of theology, religion spirituality, the Bible.

She is in contact with pioneering thought leaders, visionaries with awe and inspiration, mystics Theologians, biblical interpreters and theologians as well as academics and researchers.

Thomas Womack

Christian Book Editor and Bookcrafter

I’m a seasoned editor and author, who has over four decades of working full-time in the field of book publishing, and focusing particularly on Christian books of all types. Also, I’ve edited a variety of management and business books, including memoirs, fiction, and business books.

I’ve collaborated with numerous prominent communicators for the release of numerous notable pieces. Some of these authors are Louie Giglio, Carolyn Castleberry, Henry Blackaby, J. I. Packer, C. J. Mahaney, Ruth Myers, Randy Alcorn, Thelma Wells, Richard Blackaby, Tony Evans, John MacArthur, Larry Crabb, Larry Osborne, Andy Stanley, and Dave Harvey among some.

My editing projects included extensive collaboration in writing, particularly creating content using diverse author sources, such as sermon transcriptions, message outline or letters as well as journal entries. I’ve been able to keep the writer’s voice and style and am grateful to get praised often from authors who have done this.

Author currently working on the third book in a historical trilogy (currently being considered for agenting by a publisher). I’ve also written for kids (using an unnamed pen) and have over twenty published books. Three of my novels won the Christian Book Award (the “Gold Medallion”) by the ECPA trade publishing association.

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