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How To Become Romance Proofreader For Novel Proofreading

How To Become Romance Proofreader For Novel Proofreading? When they learn I proofread romance novels to earn the money, they are super excited and want to learn the details about the work I do. A lot of people don’t think that a job like this exists! However, it’s a reality and I’ve been working all day long for over a decade.

I’ve always been a voracious read, so it only made sense for me to be in publishing. I’ll provide you with the details regarding what it’s like edit romance novels, as well as what you need to know about getting started.

How I Started Proofreading Romance Novels

I had no intention of getting involved in romance novels until I packed my bags and started a school for publishing. Indeed, I’d imagined working in magazines for women or writing “serious” literature. While at university, I delved into Russian, French, and South American literature and never considered romance to be an area I wanted to explore. I’d had a taste of romantic novels in my teen years However, it wasn’t things I was looking to pursue professionally.

When I finished my post-grad degree in publishing, I did a brief stint as a freelance editor and proofreader. When I learned of the possibility of a job for a position at Harlequin which is a worldwide publishing company, I decided to submit an application. And I got an internship as a proofreader in the company!

Have you ever heard that romantic novels are a billion-dollar business and are among the biggest categories on Amazon? It’s an extremely lucrative business like I discovered quickly.

Harlequin is the biggest female-focused publisher around the globe and is renowned for romance novels, but they also publish books that span a variety of genres, under a myriad of imprints. Harlequin was an excellent organization to work for and I truly liked my experience there. If a company’s most important day in the calendar is Valentine’s Day, and everything revolves around women, how could you possibly go wrong?

When I first started my job, I was in love with the work I do. I became enthralled with the tales. I was surprised to find myself crying at the sight of romantic love stories. It’s not all romance. tragedies, I’ll say this. Most important, I was thrilled to learn that romance novels contain confident, strong women. The romantic stories I read were so unlike the romance stories I read when a teen.

After spending a couple of years within a company I was able to move out of my office to go off on my own and to work as a freelancer. Although I enjoyed my colleagues and the business, I realized that I’m unfit to the typical 9-5 workday. They have very high quality standards for editing, and they gave me a fantastic education on copyediting and proofreading which made me assured of my ability to become a freelance proofreader.

What It’s Really Like To Proofread Romance Novels

It’s the BIG issue. Everyone is curious about the truth, and I’m going completely honest.

It’s awesome

It’s fun and entertaining. I’m shocked that I’m the opportunity to be paid to proofread a romance novel. I’m thankful every day that I can sit at my desk and savor the story of a romance and correct mistakes I find. I’ve never had a dull moment.

I’ve even thought about my thoughts of writing romances similar to my dear friend Vicki So, who is an editor.

Every author has their own style, and even though all of the novels revolve around love, each one has its own distinct. The subgenres of the book will determine whether there are books that focus less on romance, while others are more. In the thriller genre, the romance plot is usually part of the plot to aid in character growth. In a medical romance, however, it is about finding love as the primary theme.

How You Can Proofread Romance Novels, Too

Do you wish to proofread romance books for an income? If you have the right education and direction there is a chance to. It would be wonderful to see more people do it. It’s possible to work in full-time by working as a freelance proofreader, or even as a side business. If you’re able to proofread romance fiction it is possible to be a freelancer for other genres too.

Romance is the most popular category of fiction in Amazon, which is why proofreaders are in high demand. If you’re interested in enhancing your skills at proofreading and receiving my expert tips for dealing with romance stories, take a look at our The Art of Proofreading Romance Bundle here.

The “Downside” To Proofreading Romance

There’s no “downside” to working with romance books. Some individuals don’t consider romance to be serious. They aren’t aware that proofreading romance novels is precisely similar like proofreading a sci-fi or mystery as well as “serious literature.” But, professional publishers take this seriously which is what’s important!

Nonfiction and fiction books both require the exact editing and proofreading skills as well as experience with the same methods and tools. This doesn’t concern me but I consider it to be an issue that is not mine.

What My Day Is Like

Being a freelance proofreader and editor, I often manage a variety of projects in one day. Sometimes, I edit a book only. I love these times because I am able to sit down to an iced tea and do nothing but read. What I do will be such as when I proofread romance books:


  • It’s the normal routine of getting him ready to be dropping him off at school.
  • Meditation, yoga, and other administrative tasks and marketing
  • Coffee, sit on my couch using my laptop and then proofread the book for about an hour.


  • Walk around my area and get food at one of the numerous restaurants. Most often, it’s a panini sandwich sushi, or a burger.
  • Have lunch at home as I catch an episode on House Hunters International (love this show!)
  • Go through your emails and perform some online marketing via social media
  • I’m back on the couch on my laptop and I’m proofreading until it’s time to collect my son from school.
  • There is no work to do until my son is asleep


  • The proofreader will be available for one hour.
  • Watch with your hubby the news or talk with wine or tea
  • When I’m in a bind, or the novel is great, I’ll add an additional time

What I’ve Learned

It’s been my experience that romance can be found all over the place. It brings the depth and development of characters to any tale, and is something that everyone can connect with. Do you want to feel the love of giving and receiving it? When I began exploring romantic relationships that I realized that I’m a huge romantic in my heart. What do you think? Even after all these years, I am still crying, laughing, or cheer on a great love tale.

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