Proofread documents to earn money

21 Ways to Make Money From Proofreading Documents

Here are some methods for proofread documents to earn money. Are you sharp eyes for spotting spelling or grammar mistakes? If so, perhaps you should consider becoming a freelance proofreader as the right choice for you.

Since proofreading demands a specific personality, proofreaders are in huge demand, specifically in online companies. Because you can proofread any place the internet is an ideal alternative to earn money working in the comfort of your home. Most of the time online proofreaders are able to decide their own time and operate at their own speed.

If the idea of becoming an online proofreader seems appealing, continue reading for everything you should be aware of in this home-based job.

What’s the Difference Between Proofreading and Editing?

Editorial and proofreaders are typically assumed to be interchangeable; however, there are distinct differences between the two positions. They are primarily focused on finding grammar, spelling and typos.

However, editors might examine the material and alter the order and organization to improve clarity. They can alter or cut out the content completely. editors verify and check sources and alter their tone of voice in order to make it more appealing to the reader. In many cases, writers and editors collaborate on several changes.

Editors also proofread but the proofreaders don’t have to be considered editors. Both positions are professionally competent, however, proofreading does not need as thorough an examination of the content. The majority of editors need an undergraduate degree, and occasionally an advanced education either in journalism or English. Look through this page to find remote editing positions.

How Much Do Proofreaders Earn?

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics Proofreaders make an average salary of $48,770. an average, for full-time employment. Pay and hours of assignments are contingent upon the freelancer’s capacity and workload. Someone who is able to manage a large number of customers or is trained in a specific area, such as proofreading in a bilingual manner and the legal aspect of proofreading is usually paid more.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become an Online Proofreader?

A lot of editing and proofreading jobs need a bachelor’s degree, or a current enrollment in a 4-year college. Also, you should be able to operate applications like Microsoft Office and Google Docs and be familiar with major guidelines for style such as AP, APA, MLA as well as the Chicago Manual of Style.

If it’s been a while since your last schooling A proofreading class will improve your abilities and understanding and assist in preparing you for the job of your dreams.

Caitlin Pyle of Proofread Anywhere offers a FREE course for those who are proofreaders to assist you in making a decision about which is the best job for you. The course will teach you:

  • Five indications proofreading is the best career option for you.
  • Flexibility, freedom as well as the financial benefits of proofreading
  • How can you get your customers who need proofreading

It is possible to purchase the online course on proofreading on this page if you’re looking to enroll to begin. It will take about 1 month to complete. It will cover everything from the basics of proofreading to locating online jobs, and coordinating your work flow.

Where Can You Find Online Editing and Proofreading Jobs?

You may be looking for job opportunities online for proofreading, editing positions as well as full-time or part-time jobs or a simple side business, there are plenty of possibilities for you to consider.

1. Proofreading and editing service, USA

Proofreading and Editing Service, USA is a proofreading company that allows customers to upload their documents for online proofreading and editing. The potential proofreaders need to provide a resume, and pass numerous editing tests. After approval, you’ll get confirmations regarding projects you might be interested in. Proofreading and editing service, USA will pay the proofreader 40 percent of the cost for each project. So rates differ by project.

  • Education: A college degree
  • Prior experience: Must have past editing knowledge
  • Classification: Independent contractor

2. Wordvice

Wordvice is a global company serving hospitals, medical facilities and labs. It hires freelance editors and content writers as well as translators, as well as online English tutors. For a chance to be hired, you’ll have to present your resume as well as the editing samples. The pay scale is based on experiences, work experience as well as the level of knowledge on the subject matter.

  • Education: An advanced college degree
  • Prior experience: Must have prior knowledge
  • Classification: Independent contractor

3. Gramlee

Gramlee can be described as an Editing and Proofreading firm. They provide services to writers for assignments like dissertations and essays, novels white papers, novels as well as many other. Editorial and proofreading staff must fill out their application which includes both a background check as well as an evaluation. Proofreaders must finish their assignments within 24 hours of the week (but they are able to set the hours they work at).

  • Education: Unknown; may not be required to earn a qualification
  • Experiential Experience Not known; could be able to accept novices
  • Classification: Unknown

4. Kibin

Kibin is a small company offering copyediting, proofreading and grammar support. It works with academic institutions and students for help with writing essays application, dissertations, and applications. Kibin provides proofreaders with a pay per word. They also offer incentives for deadlines as well as customer satisfaction. 

  • Educational Qualifications: Unknown; may not need a college qualification
  • Expertise: Not known; could take in beginners
  • Classification: Independent contractor

5. ProofreadingServices

Offering $19-$46 per hour and flexible hours, works with various clients around the globe. The contractors go through a 20-minute assessment process after applying to demonstrate their skills in proofreading as well as their abilities. With, you can create your own schedule and work full- or part-time hours.

  • Educational Qualifications: Unknown; may not be required to earn a qualification
  • Experiential Experience Not known; could be able to accept novices
  • Classification: Independent contractor

6. Scribendi

Scribendi The Scribendi an editing and proofreading company located within Ontario, Canada. The company offers both in-house and freelance positions. All freelancers need to pass a pre-screening exam and go through the application procedure. The amount of pay is based on job, but it’s competitive and every project is priced upfront. The company does not employ freelancers who are from California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, South Dakota, Washington DC, West Virginia, or Wyoming.

  • Educational: Must have a university diploma
  • Experiential: At least three years’ experience writing, editing, or in teaching the English language
  • Classification: 1099 and W2

7. Lion Bridge

This is a very nice and renowned company for proofreaders and editors. You should keep visiting their website for new jobs and apply immediately. Here, you can get long-term projects and make your career bright.

8. ProofreadingPal

The Proofreading Pal can provide proofreading for essays, resumes, business documents, books and much more. According to their site, the proofreaders could earn anywhere from $500 to $3000 each month for proofreading papers from their homes. In order to apply, you’ll have to complete the application online, along with submitting your resume and cover letter. If you are selected for the next step of the process of hiring and are selected, you’ll have to take their timed proofreading test.

  • education: Must be enrolled at a university with at least a 3.5 GPA or higher.
  • Experiential: Have a graduate degree and at least five years’ working experience
  • Classification: Independent contractor

9. Scribbr

Scribbbr is a company that hires editors from various languages to edit and proofread academic writing. It is a Dutch business that recruits editors from across the world. Based on their site editors write around 1,700 words per hour, and get paid between EUR20 and €25 per hour. The applicant must complete the application and then pass the test online for consideration.

10. Appen

Appen recruits employees to collect data, translate as well as transcription and proofreading tasks. When you sign up for an account, you must fully fill in your profile before you can access new tasks. As per their listing of jobs posted on LinkedIn, it is required to be able to comprehend the basics in the English language. The job posting will ask you what your level of education is It’s not known what you’ll need to know at a certain amount of proofreading experience to successfully complete projects.

11. Scribe Media

Scribe Media offers professionals for those looking to publish and write the book. The company often has positions to writers ($250 for a project) Line editors ($0.04 per word) and cover design ($2,200 for a project).

12. Express Writers

Express Writers employs expert copywriters, writers, social media copywriters designer, copy editors. Editors are paid $15/hour and have to edit at least three hundred word per hour. In order to be considered for editing and writing jobs, applicants must be native English native speaker, possess excellent spelling and grammar and be aware of the best SEO practices.

13. Focus Forward

Focus Forward provides transcription, translation marketing research, coding and the services of proofreading for clients. Part-time positions in proofreading You must possess advanced or intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, an excellent level of communication, working computers and fast internet access.

14. hires individuals to develop curriculum and lesson plans as well as research, writing as well as editing, proofreading as well as tutoring. These positions are available, and you are able to choose the time of your day as well as be paid two times a month through PayPal. recruits people who are from the US as well as the Philippines.

Job Boards and Freelance Marketplaces

You can see that most of the top editing and proofreading businesses need a degree from a university or prior experience. How do you acquire experience if there is no one who is willing to employ you? It is possible to submit the specification assignment for a chance to show your expertise and knowledge to a potential customer. Try pitching or applying for one-off jobs through job and freelance marketplaces. boards which don’t have the strict of specifications for proofreaders. These are some platforms and websites to look into.

15. FlexJobs

FlexJobs FlexJobs is an online job board for telecommuters that offers a range of proofreading and editing positions. The type, quantity, and the requirements for each post are dependent on the position and company. Certain jobs in proofreading require high skills, whereas other jobs are more general in nature and do not require any prior experience. Through FlexJobs you can browse through the various positions to determine what positions you’re most at, and they verify all businesses so you’re assured that every job listing is legitimate.

16. Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers which allows freelancers to advertise their services and business owners are able to shop around for freelancers to finish their work. In the beginning, Fiverr worked on the idea that each service would cost just $5. Today they’ve expanded the amount of the freelancers are able to charge to provide their offerings ($5-$10,000). When you join Fiverr, the cost is free to join and, regardless of what price you choose to charge for the service of proofreading, they’ll take 20% of the amount.

17. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is an employment agency offering an array of temp and temp-to-hire positions. They offer virtual positions that offer editing and proofreading services for many sectors and companies. The job descriptions will differ based on the skills and experience of applicants, as well as the type of job. The job market for proofreaders is across the US as well as in other countries.

18. Randstad

Randstad Randstad is an American-based agency for staffing that lets you find remote contract, temporary or temporary as well as permanent positions. As Randstad offers all kinds of job titles, you’ll need to look for the following keywords: proofreader, proofreading editor as well as copy editor and editor. The positions, and specifications, can vary between clients. In order to find your ideal job You can join email lists for those positions that you’re looking for.

19. Robert Half

Robert Half is an agency based in the United States which hires contract, permanent temporary and permanent workers to work remotely and in-person. As with Randstad, Robert Half hires across a variety of areas which is why you should look up a variety of variations of the keyword you’re searching for. Also, you should look at every job that appears when you search. The title for the position is in a other area such as writing, project coordination, content coordination or even marketing. However, the job also includes proofreading as a part of their job.

20. Upwork

Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers which offers many assignments, which include proofreading as well as editing. When you’ve finished your profile it will match you with perfect job. It is also possible to search for customers and respond to requests in person. Prices vary depending on the project and by client. Additionally, they are made public at the beginning of each project. There are projects that charge an hourly rate while others have one-time pricing.

21. Guru

Guru is a platform for freelancers which allows you to make an account and showcase your proofreading and editing services as a freelancer and offer bids on projects already in progress. Projects you can find at the website are diverse in scope, from proofreading blog articles to proofreading speeches as well as editing screensplays and ebooks. Guru offers different levels of membership for freelancers. These include a membership for free that comes with a 9% charge for jobs as well as a maximum of 10 bids each month. To learn more about the various plans available and the benefits associated with using Guru, go here.

How to Start a Freelance Proofreader Business

The idea of owning your own proofreading company allows you to set the schedule of your choice, determine your own prices working at your home. There is no need for an education degree to create your own company. Your business can expand with customers and offer other services that are based on your expertise and knowledge.

When keeping track of deadlines as well as building your client list are difficult There are numerous resources that can assist you in starting the business of freelance proofreading. There is the Editorial Freelancers Association is a professional organization that provides opportunities, tools as well as education and contacts to proofreaders from other areas of the field.

Is Becoming a Proofreader Right For You?

If you’re a fan of writing and reading, and are committed to the proper use of the English spelling, then proofreading can be an ideal work-from-home opportunity. As you’ll most likely work as a freelancer, you’ll benefit from working on a schedule that is flexible, which is great news for those who are having trouble balancing caregiving while earning money. If you’re uncertain about whether working as a proofreader is the best option for you, make certain to attend Proofread Anywhere’s no-cost workshop.

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