What is Copy Editing

The fact that there are different levels and stages to editing written documents makes it difficult. Copy editing is one step.

Continue reading to find out what copy editing is and why it’s important. We will also discuss the steps of copy editing, and the skills required for a copyeditor.

Copy Editing Definition

Copy-editing or copyediting refers to the editing process of correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation in a written work. Copy editing is similar to mechanical editing in that it focuses on minor mistakes within the document.

Copyediting does not require heavy editing, where content editors must look at the “bigger image”. You do not have to check for errors within the argument, the logical structure or the sequence of events.

Copy editors not only check for typos and misspellings but also for grammar. They may edit books, research projects or essays. They check the readability of the content and ensure that the writing style is consistent.

Copy editors give writers suggestions on how to best communicate their message. This level of editing can sometimes involve correcting factual mistakes. Some copy editors offer additional services such as formatting bibliographies or reference lists.

Copy editors are employed by different publishing companies. You can find desk editors in digital or book publishing. Some of them work from home as freelancers.

The Importance of Copyediting

Copy editing is important for many reasons. Here are a few of them.

Increases accuracy

Copyediting or copyediting is the level of editing that improves accuracy the most. Copy editors read like laypeople, even though they may not be experts on these topics.

Asking questions about the content will ensure that the publication is error-free. To create a clean document, copy editors can research the topic and fact-check.

You can see that copy editing is more than just a grammatical check. They can also help you improve your accuracy and avoid ambiguity.

Accelerates Publishing

Copy editing increases the chances of publication. You can get an edge over your competitors by following the house style guide and design standards of the publishing house when you submit your manuscript.

The little things make publishing easier. Publishers will focus more on your content if you have no grammatical mistakes.

If you use the correct American spelling when writing American newspapers, publishers will not spend time checking spelling.

In different companies, it is expected that editing jobs will be lost. Do you believe this is a reason for the poor quality of news articles? There are often more errors in reputable print materials like research articles and textbooks.

Increases confidence in writing

Copy-editing is a great way to improve your writing skills. You can relax knowing that you are not being judged by the style police for your writing if you review your work to check for errors in grammar and style.

Your work will also adhere to ethical standards, so you don’t have to worry about missing references. A copy editor will ensure that your work adheres to high standards of editorial integrity.

Hiring a professional to edit your social media posts or blog posts is a great idea if you are a business owner. This will help improve your public relation and achieve your performance goals.

What Skills Does a Copyeditor Need?

Copy editors must have more than just a good command of the language and the ability to correct grammar and spelling. These copy editors must also possess the following abilities:

  • Understanding the different styles of publication is important.
  • Think critically.
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • A curious and creative mind.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Time management and organization skills.

What types of copy editing are there?

Did you know there are different editor positions within copy editing? Take a look at a few of them.

Proofreading or mechanical editing

Proofreading, also known as mechanical editing or proofreading, is the most common form of copy editing. It involves checking for things like grammar and spelling. The majority of American copy editors offer both proofreading and copy editing services. They look for:

  • Capitalization.
  • Punctuation.
  • Format.
  • Verb Tenses
  • Structure of sentences
  • Noun-pronoun agreement.

Mechanical editors do not care about the development of your writing. They are more concerned with its technical aspects. If your paper has poor arguments or a bad plot, they can’t help.

Hard-copy editing is usually used for manuscript editing. This type of content editing uses editing marks by the copy editor to correct errors. In other careers, copy editors use different software programs to do digital editing.

Proofreading is required for infographics as well. The copy editor must also check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes since these images contain textual information.

Hard-copy editors will leave proofreading marks. This means that you will need to reprint an edited version of your infographic.

Evaluation Edit

The editor will evaluate the quality of the content in your business. They create memos to highlight the problematic areas in the document, whether it is digital or print.

House style guide is another type of editing which focuses on adhering to certain guidelines. It includes rules for formatting, style, spelling and other conventions in the organization.

Line Editing or Substantive editing

Some careers in copyediting also include line editing or substantive editio. This involves assessing the entire content.

The document is evaluated for its structure, tone, accuracy and clarity.


The copy editor rarely makes heavy edits. When they do, however, they tend to focus on fact-checking. When you edit your own work, make sure all information is accurate.

You might also check your bibliography, in-text citations and footnotes.


Rewriting is another type of copyediting to consider. It does not mean to rewrite the entire essay or article. This only applies to sentence rewrites if the editor notices spelling errors. This is one of many edits the writer can use to revamp their entire content.

SEO Boosting

Copy editing can also be used to boost your publication’s visibility on search engines.

SEO boosts uses keywords instead of copy-editing symbols for correcting spelling and grammar errors. Copy editors must include keywords in their writings to improve Google rankings.

How to copy edit

Copy editing can include everything from spelling corrections and style preferences to a variety of other steps.

Read the whole text and make a plan

The paper should be read several times. The first time you go through it, focus on the overall picture. The rest of the readings will concentrate on the details.

Copyediting is all about aligning the document with a style guide. Check if the document needs to adhere to a literary or academic style guide.

There are also sub-categories of writing and writing rules that differ. Newspaper articles include both feature publications and news stories.

Do some research on the topic to check your facts later.

You may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the grammar and punctuation errors?
  • The writer used alternate spellings
  • The headline is it accurate?
  • Does the writing reflect the author’s intention?
  • Does the sentence make sense?
  • Is the voice and style consistent?
  • What paragraph and character styles should you use?
  • Are the displayed elements (page numbers, font styles, etc.) accurate? accurate?

Edit Line by Line

After you’ve created a plan, it’s now time to edit each line. You should go through each sentence and make any necessary edits.

Use copyediting terminology and correction marks in your written documents. As an example, the term “kill” is used to refer to deleting text or illustrations. Cross-references or “x-refs” are phrases which refer to another document part.

Format Text

The design in newspapers differs from that of magazines or research publications. You should have a good understanding of news design if you are copy editing an article.

You can use a variety of design software to help with format. Many style guides also include templates for different types of writing.

What is an acceptable rate of errors for copy editing?

Copy editors will make mistakes in their work. It could be that one editor finds a sentence readable, while another does not. Copy editors should aim for an error rate of around 5% or 95%.

How long does copy editing take?

The length of the document and the experience of the copy editor will determine the duration. Candidates for copy-editing jobs who are new to the job may only be able to finish two pages within an hour. An experienced copy editor, however, can finish up to seven pages per hour.

Last Thoughts about Copy Editing

Copy editing is aligning a text with an editorial style. The copy editor’s role is to check for errors in spelling, grammar and style.

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