Top 11 Certified Proofreader Certifications for professionals

Do you want to become certified proofreader? Proofreaders’ certifications are essential due to a variety of reasons. First, they can assist hiring managers quickly and effectively identify applicants with the capabilities and know-how to complete what they do. They can also provide proofreaders with the chance to prove their commitment to their professional development and increase their odds to succeed in the market for jobs. Additionally, certificates can help employers determine a person’s degree of competence and credibility and ensure that they are selecting a person who is trustworthy and able to perform at an acceptable level. In addition, they could open new employment possibilities for proofreaders because they allow the proofreaders to show their expertise through tangible evidence.

This article reviews the most popular certificates that are offered to proofreaders. We also explain what they do to advance the careers of proofreaders.

What are Proofreader Certifications?

A program called Proofreader certification was created for the purpose of provide proofreaders with the abilities as well as the knowledge and qualifications required to be successful in their area. The program of certification is comprised of courses that can be taken online or in person as well as exams covering subjects like English punctuation, grammar, and the style. When they complete the program they gain the confidence required to offer expert services to customers.

The certification of a proofreader can assist those who want to become an experienced proofreader. It gives them the skills they require to become successful. This certification allows proofreaders to show their understanding of punctuation, grammar, and rules for style, which will help them stand out in the race for work. Furthermore, it provides employers with confidence that work written by certified proofreaders was carefully examined and is in line with the standards of the industry. In addition, it offers proofreaders access to network opportunities that could help them to find work or gain additional customers. Additionally, having a recognised document from an organization that is accredited could give prospective employers confidence in the candidate’s capabilities and skills.

1. Certified Professional Proofreader (CPP)

CPC stands for Certified Professional Proofreader. (CPP) is an official certification offered through the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). The program is intended to honor people who have attained the highest degree of proficiency in the art of proofreading. CPP is a designation that indicates proficiency in proofreading. CPP designates the ability to show that a person possess the skills and knowledge required to read documents with accuracy and effectively.

To be a certified Professional Proofreader, applicants must be able to pass an exam conducted through the EFA. The exam comprises multiple-choice test which cover subjects such as punctuation, grammar, spelling use, as well as different aspects involved in English editing. Candidates should also provide two documents to be reviewed by an EFA-approved group composed of editors.

The exam is approximately 3 hours and costs $150 USD. Candidates who have passed the exam will be awarded their CPP certification within 4 weeks of submitting the required items.

Alongside getting through in addition to passing the exam the applicants also must satisfy certain criteria to keep the CPP status. This includes the completion of 10 hours of continuous training every two years as well as the payment of annual fees in the amount that are $50 USD.

2. Certified Copyeditor (CCE)

The Certified Copyeditor (CCE) can be described as an official certification given through the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS). It was created to honor editors that demonstrate a superior degree of competence with regards to proofreading, copyediting as well as other editorial abilities. CCE credential CCE certification assures customers and employers that the editor has attained the required level of proficiency in editing.

The CCE exam comprises two sections: a multiple choice test as well as an editing task. The multiple-choice exam covers subjects like grammar and punctuation as well as usage format, style as well as other skills for editing. The exercise of editing requires applicants to revise a document following BELS guidelines.

It generally takes about three months for the results to be received of it to pass the CCE exam. The applicants must pass both the parts of the exam with a minimum mark of 80% to become CCE certified copyeditor.

The price for taking CCE is $300 USD. CCE exam costs $300 dollars for BELS members BELS or $400 for those who are not members. This fee covers access to study guides as well as practice tests, and the exam itself. exam that is the actual exam.

Alongside being able to pass the CCE exam Candidates should also possess at least two years of knowledge in copyediting and related areas before becoming certified copyeditors.

3. American Copy Editors Society (ACES) Certification Program

It is the American Copy Editors Society (ACES) Certification Program is an industry-specific development program that equips editors with the tools and expertise required to be proficient and productive editors. The program is made up of four classes that each cover the specific areas of editing. These include: Grammar & Usage as well as punctuation & Mechanics, Editing for Clarity and Style & Clarity and editing in Digital Media. Every course is intended to provide an understanding of editing concepts and techniques along with hands-on training of applying the principles and practices.

The entire program will take about 8 months to finish. The three first courses are available online as self-paced classes and the final class is taught in the flesh at ACES conference or in other locations throughout the United States. Students must take the four courses in one year in order to be certified.

For certification, students need to sign up to take part in ACES Certification Program. Participants must sign up for ACES Certification Program through the ACES site and pay the fee of $295 (plus the applicable tax). This covers the four courses and provides access to other tools including webinars and forum discussions. If you successfully complete the four classes, students will be awarded a certificate issued by ACES acknowledging their achievements.

4. Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) Certified Professional Resume Writer

The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) is an international association which offers certification to professional resume writers as well as career coaches. This PARW/CC Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) certificate is the top standard for quality in the career of writing resumes.

For the opportunity to be an PARW/CC Certified Professional Resume Writer you need to have three years working in the field of professional resume writing and successfully pass a thorough written exam. The exam includes topics that include the art of writing resumes and strategies for job searching including interviewing, skills for interviews, and professional development. If you pass the exam and passed, you’ll be granted the CPRW certificate.

It usually takes 6-12 months to meet all prerequisites to become a PARW/CC certified professional resume writer. In this time you will need to complete an approved training course in resume writing, or take part in classes and workshops on similar subjects. In addition, you will need to send several resumes that have professional written by you or a certified resume writer to be reviewed at PARW/CC Certification Board. PARW/CC Certification Board.

Cost to become a certified PARW/CC Professional Resume Writer is based on the area you reside in as well as other elements. In general, it could range from $500 to $1,000 to be certified. It includes the application fee and course costs, as well as tests fees and related fees.

In the end, being certified as a Professional Resume Writer can be a fantastic method to show your expertise and experience in the area of resume writing as well as career coaching. It will help to distinguish yourself from crowd when you apply for positions or working with clients since it demonstrates that you’re dedicated to providing top-quality services within this area.

5. National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Certificate in Editing

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Certificate in Editing is a credential for professionals which recognizes those that have proven their mastery of the necessary skills and expertise for success within the editing industry. The program created for editors to provide editors with the abilities and expertise they require to excel in their job.

The Editing Certificate is a requirement for completion of four classes The courses include Introduction to Editing, Writing for publication, Copyediting and proofreading. Every course is available online and will take between 8 and 10 hours to be completed. After successful completion of the four classes Students will be awarded the certificate of NCTE.

The price for this Certificate in Editing program is $395 USD. The cost includes the four classes along with an authentic NCTE Certificate upon completion.

For more information those interested can go to the NCTE site and sign up for the course by filling in an online application. When they are registered, students will have access to the four classes and can work towards a certificate in their own time.

6. American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) Medical Writing Certification

It is the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) Medical Writing Certification a certification that identifies those who demonstrate mastery over the essential skills required to become a professional medical writer. This credential is intended to assist medical writers in building their reputation and expand their opportunities in the field.

In order to obtain AMWA Medical Writing Certification AMWA Medical Writing Certification candidates must take a thorough test that covers subjects like writing style and design, research strategies including editing and proofreading documents for regulatory purposes, as well as communication. The exam comprises multiple-choice tests that have four answers. Candidates must get at least 70 percent on the exam for the chance to earn the certificate.

The process of obtaining certification typically lasts around two months from the time of beginning until the end. In this time candidates must fill out an application form, and then submit it with payment for the exam cost ($350 (for AMWA members and 500 for those who are not members). After being approved, applicants will receive an email with directions regarding how to log into the online exam platform. Once they have completed the exam candidates will be provided with the results within 7 days.

It is a valid certification. AMWA Medical Writing Certification is valid for three years starting from the date it was issued. In order to maintain the status of certification throughout this time, accredited medical writers have to complete at least 15 hours worth of ongoing education that are related to medical writing each year.

7. Institute for Editing Excellence (IEE) Certificate in Professional Editing

The Institute for Editing Excellence (IEE) Certificate in Professional Editing is a certification online created in order to provide editors the expertise and information needed to become professional success. This program is comprised of five classes and requires around six months for completion.

IEE Certificate in Professional Editing IEE Certificate in Professional Editing gives a complete review of the profession of editing covering topics like the art of copyediting, proofreading and grammar as well as style and formatting. The course also covers key professional development areas like managing projects, client relations and marketing. When the program is completed participants are able to show their proficiency and knowledge in editing.

In order to earn an IEE Certificate in Professional Editing Participants must successfully complete the five courses in 6 months. Every course must be completed with at least 10 hours of studying time every week. Students are also required to complete two assignments per class: a paper as well as the audio/video task which demonstrates understanding of the content that is being taught.

The price of IEE Certificate in Professional Editing is $1,500. IEE Certificate in Professional Editing costs $1,500 USD. The certificate includes access to the five courses, and additional tools, including webinars as well as individual mentoring sessions with skilled editors.

After completing all five of the courses in the timeframe of 6 months Participants will be awarded an authentic IEE Certificate in Professional Editing through the Institute for Editing Excellence. This certification can be utilized to prove the mastery of editing abilities to prospective employers or prospective clients.

8. Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) Diploma in Proofreading and Copy-editing

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) Diploma in Proofreading and Copy-editing is a prestigious certificate that proves a high degree of expertise and knowledge in the area of proofreading and copy-editing. It’s designed to equip those with the knowledge and skills to be a professional copy-editor or proofreader, either on a contract or freelance basis.

The certificate is comprised of six parts and are rated using multiple choice online tests which are followed by a written task. They cover subjects like grammar and punctuation, style guides and editing methods. It takes about 12 months to finish depending on how fast you move through the courses.

For the certificate to be awarded You must first be an SfEP member. SfEP. Then, you can enroll for the diploma program on the internet or via posting. The price of the course is $1200, plus VAT (as in April 2021). It includes all of the material required to complete the course, including textbooks as well as access to the internet for sources.

9. International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE) Accredited Editor, Copywriter, or Proofreader

The International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE) is an organization of professionals that offers the accreditation needed for copywriters, editors as well as proofreaders. IAPWE Accredited Editor, Copywriter or Proofreader certification. IAPWE accredited editor, copywriter or Proofreader accreditation is created to acknowledge people who have reached an exceptional level of competence in editing, copywriting, or proofreading.

In order to become an IAPWE-accredited Copywriter, Editor or proofreader, you must be able to pass a test online. The test comprises multiple-choice questions that cover topics like usage and grammar rules as well as punctuation and usage rules, word choices and style rules as well as editing strategies and techniques to write effectively. Once the test is completed successfully, applicants will receive their IAPWE Accredited Editor/Copywriter/Proofreader certificate.

The cost of the IAPWE Accredited Editor/Copywriter/Proofreader certification varies depending on the type of certification chosen (e.g., editor vs. copywriter vs. proofreader). In general, you will pay between $99 and $299 USD to be accredited in any field. The typical timeframe is 1-2 weeks for you to take the test online and get your certification after registration to take the exam.

Once you have obtained your IAPWE Accredited Editor/Copywriter/Proofreader certification, you can use it to demonstrate your expertise in these areas to potential employers or clients. The certification will also make to distinguish yourself from other experts in your field by showing you’ve taken time and time to gain specialized experience about these subjects.

10. Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) Certified Freelance Editor

It is the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) Certified Freelance Editor program is an accredited professional program which recognizes freelance editors with an exceptional level of competence and professional. This certification program is intended to assist employers in identifying competent freelancers as well as to offer editors working as freelancers the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and expertise.

In order to become EFA Certified, an editor has to have a minimum of 3 years of editing experience to be able to pass an online exam and then present a portfolio of their work. The exam is comprised of multiple-choice tests covering topics like grammar punctuation, sentence structures, punctuation as well as style guides and proofreading. Portfolios must contain samples of manuscripts or edited documents along with any other pertinent documents that show editing skills.

It typically takes around three months from beginning to completion. The applicant first needs to fill out an application form that includes specific information about their experiences as well as their qualifications. After being accepted through the EFA Certification Committee, the applicant will receive an access link for taking the test online. exam. Once they have passed the exam with an 80% score or greater, the person is required to provide their portfolio for evaluation before the Certification Committee. If they are approved, they’ll be issued the authentic EFA Certified Freelance Editor certificate by mail.

The cost for becoming EFA Certified is based upon whether you’re already a member or a non-member of EFA. If you are a member, there’s an initial cost of $50 and $25 per year for renewal charges For nonmembers, it’s $150 plus $50 annually to cover renewal costs.

11. Grammarly Certified Advanced Grammar and Language Specialist

Grammarly Certified Advanced Grammar and Language Specialist (GCAL) GCAL is an accreditation program provided by Grammarly which is an online editing and writing platform. This certification offers the most advanced grammar and language abilities for professionals who utilize the English language for their jobs.

The GCAL course is comprised of two elements that include an online exam and a practical project. The online exam examines topics like grammar as well as syntax, punctuation the style of writing, and how to use it. It will take approximately 3 hours to finish the exam. If they pass the exam by scoring 80 percent or more Candidates must take on a real-world project that shows their understanding of the subjects covered in the exam.

For certification, applicants have to sign up to the GCAL program at Grammarly’s website. Cost of registration is $199 USD. It also gives access to all course materials as well as practice tests. Once they have registered, candidates can take the exam online exam anytime time they find convenient to them.

If they are successful in completing each part of the course The successful applicants receive an official certificate issued by Grammarly which recognizes their accomplishment in the field of Advanced Grammar and Language Specialist. The award can be utilized to prove their proficiency in English proficiency and language for clients or employers.

Do You Really Need a Proofreader Certificate?

It is contingent on your goal. Proofreader certification isn’t necessary to be professional proofreaders, however it is useful in certain situations.

If you’re looking to establish yourself as an authority when it comes to proofreading, a certification can give you an edge over those who don’t have one. Also, it can be helpful when you wish to prove that you’ve taken time and time to master the abilities and strategies required to succeed in proofreading. They can also show that you have mastered the most effective methods for finding errors as well as inconsistencies within written documents.

But, if the goal is simply to get a job as a proofreader employers will consider applicants with no qualifications. Important to keep in mind that the hiring process is based on your skills and experience whether or not you have the aid of a certification. If you are not experienced or certifications, they can fill in the gaps and provide employers with confidence of your capabilities.

The final decision on whether the need for a proofreader’s certificate will be contingent on the kind of work you’re seeking and the level of experience that you have already gained in this sector. Sometimes, having this certification can be helpful but it’s not required to be a successful professional proofreader.

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