Proofreading costs per word

Proofreading Rates:

Are you just beginning to learn about the field of proofreading? The most common question is what are proofreading costs per word?

It is possible to determine your rates of proofreading for each word according to your skills stage, your deadline and the genre of your writing as well as other variables. I created this article for both proofreaders providing services, as well as writers seeking to find.

Discover how to cost the cost of proofreading with this complete analysis.

Who Should Use a Proofreader?

Professional proofreaders are used for a variety of purposes, and various factors could define these diverse options.

  • Writers who do not have an English native
  • Autors, writers and academics constantly searching for reliable online proofreading solutions
  • An experienced writer looking for the basics of editing
  • Nearly everyone involved in publishing
  • Academic documents
  • A person who is interested in learning more about how to use proofreading in the real world.
  • Those needing personal essay proofreading
  • Ghostwriters and authors need editing of style basics

What is the Average Rate for Proofreading per Hour?

The hourly rate of proofreading for hours isn’t typical because proofreaders are unable to predict what time they will need to finish the document. There are only a handful of freelancers doing this. Their rates range between $10 and $100 per hour for service of proofreading, where the extent of work is determined in advance.

Charges by the hour are not the best option because honesty could be a problem. A proofreader may deliberately to take a lengthy time for submission so that they could be charged higher.

Certain clients offer you an early deadline, so that they spend lower. They usually are deferred until after the contract has been signed is signed, particularly if you are charging extra than you normally charge.

The time spent editing won’t determine the quality of your writing. If you’re an amateur who write in English as the second language, it’ll have a longer time to complete. In contrast, professionals require much less time to complete the task completed.

A different issue to think about when billing by hour is the cost of all of the service, even if you don’t enjoy the service.

I would only suggest pricing by hour only when you’re a professional proofreader that has established rates. Your customer will be satisfied with an efficient, quality proofreading.

Paying for your services will be easier and more fair when you bill through bulk words. It is simple to determine and advance the payment time. Remember that standards of editing as well as the quality of editing available vary between the providers one.

How Much Does It Cost to Proofread 1000 Words?

The most skilled proofreaders will have a fee for editing. The typical rate for proofreading for each word ranges from $0.013-$0.016. It’s about $13-$16 per 1,000 words. The rates could be contingent upon a number of variables, such as the speed of turnaround time as well as the experience of the proofreader as well as the type of the writing.

This guide will help you understand how much proofreading costs are in various genres of writing in order to understand the estimate for the cost of editing.

Business or Self-Help

Rate Per Word: $.0158

Rate Per 1000 Words: $15.80


Rate Per Word: $0.0148

Rate Per 1000 Words: $14.80

Historical Fiction

Rate Per Word: $0.0139

Rate Per 1000 Words: $13.90

Literary Fiction

Rate Per Word: $0.0147

Rate Per 1000 Words: $14.70


Rate Per Word: $0.0152

Rate Per 1000 Words: $15.20


Rate Per Word: $0.0135

Rate Per 1000 Words: $13.50

Sci-Fi or Fantasy

Rate Per Word: $0.0130

Rate Per 1000 Words: $13

Thriller, Mystery, or Crime

Rate Per Word: $0.0137

Rate Per 1000 Words: $13.70

Young Adult

Rate Per Word: $0.0131

Rate Per 1000 Words: $13.10

The delivery time is also a key element in determining rates for proofreading in services. Below is a proofreading sample prices per 1000 words.

Turnaround timePrice per 1,000 words
120 Hours (5 days)$10-$15
For 72hrs (3 days)$10-$20
24/7 (1 day)$20-$40

There are freelance proofreaders offering their services lower. However, you won’t know if they’re professional or not. There’s a myriad of businesses and organizations which offer a bare minimum of poor-quality services.

Make sure you interview a proofreader prior to making a decision to hire them. Find out about their past encounters, examine their resume, and read their feedback. Also, ask them for an exchange for errors made in your work.

How Much Should a Proofreader Charge Per Page?

The charging by page method is another method that is not reliable to determine rate for proofreading. The number of pages you are charged depends on the layout of the document. An essay of 500 words can take up to 3 pages if the margins are large and there is space. Type and font size could also influence the number of pages.

Average Freelance Proofreading Rates

The cost of proofreading for freelancers ranges from $0.013-$0.016 per word, or $13-16 for 1000 words. Proofreaders that freelance offer copy editing services along with their proofreading jobs are paid higher.

If you consider your freelance proofreading work as a full-time gig and earn the same amount as in a 9-5 job.

How Do You Set Proofreading Rates?

Then, set per word or per Hour (per word is ideal!)

Hourly rates are best for those who have worked in the field for some time and want permanent employment. The hourly rate will not impress your customers if you’re new to working on lengthy material. They can also cause many conflicts and miscommunications.

The concept of charging per word is better than paying the hourly pay rate to beginners as well as advanced proofreaders. In contrast to hourly rates, which are difficult to determine prior to the completion of the task, the charge per word is a fixed amount. Customers will sign quickly the contract with no risk.

It’s also much easier to establish the price based on the level of your expertise. If, for instance, you’re an aspiring writer, you could cost $0.012 per sentence. Once you’ve gained knowledge and experience, and increase your options, you could begin charging $0.015 per sentence.

Calculate the Work by a proofreading

Pro-tip for professional editing Don’t announce your rates for freelance editing immediately. Instead, request the client for a specific version of the document. This is important as certain kinds of documents are more difficult to proofread than other types. It is possible to encounter documents with errors that are more frequent, and will inevitably result in higher costs.

A few clients aren’t willing to offer you the whole document, since they’ll give you access to their documents without agreement. It is possible to request a small portion of the document for you to review and a sample proofread. Test proofreading the tiny piece of text before submitting the text to the client to show them the extent of the skills you have.

This approach is helpful to both the proofreader as well as the customer. Talk about the timeframe and amount to be paid, then make a deal, then start working.

Consider the Deadline

There are some proofreaders who have strict rules regarding how they’ll be paid according to timeframe. In other words, the cost for a turnaround of 3 days time differs from that of five days deadline. Sometimes, it’s more beneficial just to increase the cost to meet deadlines that are last minute.

The ideal situation is for proofreaders to write a 2000-word paper within 24 hours. This means that you should never take a paper of 10,000 words due within three days, unless you be compensated for it. It’s important to pay the extra cost as you’ll work on your own time.

It’s important to tell your customer if they’re creating unrealistic expectations. It’s difficult to finish a research paper in a matter of hours, particularly when the topic is not within the scope of your expertise.

Communication is key to making negotiations easier. The other party will be able to understand the situation while also protecting your self from burning out.

Account for Your Experience

As with other types of solutions, the cost of proofreading is based on the expertise of the person providing it. If you’ve worked in the business for a lengthy time, it is logical to price higher. It’s because you’ve seen similar types of paperwork and mistakes throughout the years working.

Yet, having a good understanding of the work does not suffice. Professional development is essential so that you are able to justify more expensive prices. Proofreaders who are in business for a long time, yet they do not have similar skills.

There is also the option of getting training to be a specialist. Proofreaders or a firm might be specialized in translating documents. Some offer different prices for proofreading services in US as well as UK English.

Check the Type of Document You’re Proofreading

A different factor to consider when setting your rates for proofreading is the nature of the document you’re working on. Although you’re not responsible for errors made by mechanical means. The process is still different depending on the type of document. Examples include documents that are full of jargon can be more difficult to edit than simple writing.

Determine your prices based on your level of difficulty. You can also stick with only one or two kinds of writing, and charge a higher price for these types of writing. You could, for instance, be a skilled proofreader, specializing in research reports and thesis.

Some proofreaders have specializations that they can charge higher. It is possible to charge higher rates on academic papers on social sciences, in the event that you’ve earned a doctorate in this area.

You can however offer lower rates even if you’re still not an expert in your field. In time, you’ll become an expert editor in your area having enough practice and experience.

Defend the Case for Your Rate

It is possible for clients to make unrealistic demands, yet they are willing to spend lower. If a client is against an individual freelancer’s rate, and offering lower costs in the notion that any company is superior to none. However, you should not do that when you’re trying to become successful as a freelancer.

Make a case to justify your fee. It is helpful to be clear when you decide to set your rates. Make sure they know that your prices are fair in line with the type of work the expertise you have, as well as the time of turnaround time. It is also possible to compare your prices with similar agencies.

You’ve got the ability to assist these individuals as well as know the business better than any other. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with the art of negotiation.

Set Your Proofreading Rates Correctly

The fairness of your compensation should be considered when performing proofreading tasks and other services. You should set your prices based on your capabilities as well as the kind of document you’re working on timeframe, the deadline, as well as the time frame of your work. It is also possible to consider the costs of living within your area.

I hope that this post has given you the information to decide what you can charge per word. Improve your skill at proofreading to improve your worth. Read our blog post for ways to proofread corporate names..

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